Due to recent significant market demand for Lactoferrin, HPS’ client wanted to improve their Lactoferrin yields and lower their overall production costs and implementing new plant design and construction using state of the art technology.

HPS solution

HPS implemented their LYI product and designed a complex process surrounding this technology.

Client outcome

The client realised significantly reduced production costs and delivered a Lactoferrin yield increase of 100%.


  • HPS have developed a process to extract Lactoferrin from skim milk and whey, delivering significantly higher yields than traditional methods.
  • HPS have redesigned the membrane system utilised for Lactoferrin extraction which is critical to deliver high yields in the final drying process.
  • The LYI technology solution provides a number of commercial and financial benefits to their clients, including:
  • Significantly higher Lactoferrin yields. Following implementation, LYI results in an increase in Lactoferrin extraction yields over traditional methods (60mg/L v 180mg/L).
  • Increasing yields delivers significant financial benefits as the current price of Lactoferrin is approaching $2,500 USD per kg.
  • Lower resin costs. Resin is a significant and costly input into the Lactoferrin extraction process. LYI enables different resin types to be utilised, resulting in significantly lower extraction costs.

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