EBRT – Evaporator Bacteria Removal

EBRT – Evaporator Bacteria Removal Technolgoy

HPS have developed a technology solution which adds value to skim milk powder through the removal of heat resistant spores within Evaporators. As an example Skim milk powder with high levels of thermo spores can lead to an end product that is flat, sour or has other organoleptic issues. This solution generates Low spore powder which improves shelf life, quality and safety.
• Low spore skim milk powder is generally sold at a premium price to high spore skim milk powder.
This technology provides a number of commercial and financial benefits including:
• Future proofing the end product by removing the spores (the number of dead cells is considered a
measure of milk quality);
• Increased product consistency; and
• Increased run times on evaporators and significantly reducing the costs relating to front end spore removal.

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