Need a protein standardising solution?
You need Prostan

  • The level of protein occurring in milk varies between 2-5%. Milk processors generally only apply one method to standardise protein levels in milk, by adding permeate.
  • Adding permeate has recently become an unpopular method to standardise the level of protein in milk due to recent negative publicity.
  • Prostan is a cost effective technology for milk processors to apply, removing excess protein from liquid milk in-line.
  • The process splits the skim milk stream into a high and low protein streams blending them to give the required output of protein.
  • The process emulates what already happens to remove cream by removing what is in excess of the standard.
  • The Prostan process has the ability to save processors between 3c and 8c per litre depending on the required protein levels in milk and avoid any negative issues relating to adding permeate.
  • Prostan can also be used for fortification of products to make with higher than normal protein levels without the use of externally sourced protein powder.

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